What We Offer

MylonasDecobuild is not your typical construction company that will just come over to build on your property and leave you to it when it is done. On the contrary, we offer quite a wide range of services that not many other construction companies are able to provide.


MylonasDecobuild offers a highly reputable consultancy service that will help you determine if your ideas for a new construction or renovation project can be feasibly turned into reality. We can also help you fine-tune your ideas to make them much more viable by providing you guidance with regards to functionality, technical standards, economic sustainability, and so on.

Whether you are thinking of putting up a new office building or expanding your home, our consulting services will prove to be valuable in helping you reach your goals, minimize your risks, and boosting the cost-effectiveness of your project.


Before any construction or renovation project can begin, there has to be a formal plan created by a licensed architect. At MylonasDecobuild, we have a very capable roster of architects who can get your project off to a great start.

Our architectural services start with the programming, during which the client shall relay to the architect everything they envision for the structure, including site features and elements. From the results of this discussion, the architect shall then create a schematic design of the floor plans. For some of the larger commercial projects, the design might also include elevations, plans and even conceptual building sections.

Upon approval of the schematic design, our architects can then proceed with adding more details such as roof plans or exterior building elevations, gradually extending to the final detailed plans. The exact scope of our architectural services will depend on the agreement with the client, as well as other factors such as the size of the project and the budget. With the completion of the architectural plans, the client can simply purchase the plans from us or choose to continue hiring us for the completion of the project.

3D Design

The introduction of 3D modeling has brought about vast improvements in the world of construction, and MylonasDecobuild is certainly not to be left behind in this area. Our architects and designers are highly proficient in the use of the latest 3D modeling software, which benefits the client in more ways than one. Other than saving a considerable amount of time as compared to manually creating blueprints, digital 3D design also gives our team a wider scope for developing ideas. It also allows for the easier identification and rectification of potential problem areas before they become substantial.

Of course, our 3D design services also make it much easier for clients to visualize the result of the project because looking at the drawings would be like looking at the finished product. It is also worth noting that our 3D Design service includes an animation feature. This means that the client will not only be able to see the finished structure but they can even take a virtual tour through the rooms and hallways.

With all this, the client can check whether the eventual implementation of their vision would be accurate to what they had in mind. At this point, if there are changes to be made, they can still be easily accomplished.


Before any construction begins, we shall present our clients with a construction contract that clearly describes all the services agreed upon, the costs that are included in the project, as well as all the other pertinent details of the project. The client shall thoroughly review the contract and only when it has been signed and all other documentation for the project have been completed and approved can we now begin with the actual construction. Usually, for a new build, this would start with the ground excavation and end when the building is 100% complete.

As a full service construction company, MylonasDecobuild is fully capable of handling all kinds of tasks required for any size of construction project. Our workers are skilled and experienced in working with concrete, masonry, lintel, roofing, flooring, plastering, pointing, installation of doors and windows, and many more. We also have specialists that handle the installation of various kinds of services like electricity, gas, water, sanitary, and so on. MylonasDecobuild strictly abides by safety standards in all stages of the construction process.


MylonasDecobuild can handle just about any kind of renovation project, whether it is for a residential or a commercial property. It can also be a relatively small renovation such as a kitchen remodel, or something on a much bigger scale like the complete overhaul of a newly purchased estate.

No matter what kind of renovation you have in mind, we will be here to guide you every step of the way, from the planning and design to the final finishing touches. Our experts will work closely with you to get a full understanding of what you want for the final outcome, make professional suggestions that will help you reach your goal more efficiently, and execute all the plans accordingly. We can also make the necessary adjustments in order to work within your budget and complete the project within the recommended time frame.

Just as with a full construction project, the contract and the documentation will first have to be settled before the actual renovation can begin.


Any kind of building requires some kind of regular maintenance over the years. At MylonasDecobuild, we will not only put up your building but we can also provide the basic maintenance services for it. Instead of having to find another contractor to take care of your property’s maintenance needs, you can simply hire us and enjoy much lower rates. It would actually be a wise move to trust us with these services since we know the ins and outs of your systems, seeing as we did all the installation after all.