This document contains all the information needed and recorded concerning the privacy policy of Mylonas Decobuild. The website is accessible here, and one of the things we are focused on is the privacy of our users. However, we can provide more information regarding the website and its privacy policy upon request by the website user.

It is also essential to highlight that the privacy policy of our company applies to all online activities. The privacy policy is valid to all our users regarding the information they share or collect here at Mylonas Decobuild. This privacy policy does not relate to any offline information or other details gathered asides from our website.


By logging in to Mylonas Decobuild’s website, you adhere to our Privacy Policy and our company’s terms.

What details are needed?

When using our website, you are required to provide your personal information. The reason why your personal information is needed will be provided at any point where you are asked to provide your personal information while using the website. The information you provide in a situation where you contact us directly might include your name (first name and surname), email address, phone number (includes your country/area code), among any other information you might decide to disclose to us.

When you choose to register for an account on our website, we shall ask you for some of your personal details which include; your name, organization’s name, age, sex, nationality, marital status, phone number, and email address.

Why do we need this information?

After collecting the above mentioned helpful information we use it to do the following:

  • Operate and maintain our website to have it running smoothly
  • Personalize and improve our website
  • Expansion of our website
  • Comprehend our client’s way of using our website
  • Developing our website in terms of services, features, functionality, and new products
  • Communicate with users of our website. This helps improve our customer service since we can provide our clients with updates and any other information related to our website.
  • It can also be used for marketing and promotional purposes of the website’s products and services.
  • Detect fraud on the website.
  • Prevent fraud
  • Send our users emails

Cookies policy

On our website, we use cookies. This means that you have agreed to the use of cookies at any point you decide to access Mylonas Decobuild’s website, as stated in our privacy policy.

Why the use of cookies?

We use cookies like most of the other interactive websites to retrieve the users’ details every time a client has logged on to our website. Moreover, cookies are also used by our advertising partners. Cookies also make it easier for the functionality of specific areas on our website.

DoubleClick Dart Cookie

As a third-party dealer on our website, Google also makes use of cookies. These cookies are known as dart cookies which deliver ads to our website depending on the users of our website. However, these dart cookies can be declined.

GDPR Data Protection Rights

As users of this website, we would like to ensure that you have a full understanding of your data and personal information protection rights. Every website user has a right to:

  • The entitlement to access your details– You are entitled to ask for records of your personal information. A negotiable fee will be charged for this service.
  • Right to correction of inaccurate data – You are at liberty to request that we rectify any personal detail that you believe is incorrect.
  • Right to completion of information- You are at liberty to ask that we finish off on the details you believe are pending.
  • Right to the deletion of personal details– You are at liberty to ask that your personal details are deleted under certain circumstances.
  • Right to put a limitation on the processing of our users’ data – You definitely have the right to ask that we cutback the altering of your data.
  • The entitlement to oppose to the processing of your personal data – You have the right to refuse or deny the refining of your personal data under certain given situations.
  • Right to data transfer –as a user of our website you can request that we move your personal details that we collected to you directly or to another organization under certain situations.

We have at least a month to respond to any of our website users if they contact us and wish to exercise any of the rights mentioned earlier.

Age Restriction

Our privacy policy also aims at protecting younger children while using the internet. However, it is essential to note that we cannot put significant restrictions on children on the internet. This is why is it is pretty important to observe, guide, and monitor their children while doing things online.


Mylonas Decobuild does not take any personal details from underage children knowingly. In case, as a parent/guardian you suspect that your children have provided any of their personal information on our website, you should immediately contact us. This will enable us to remove the information from the records of our website as fast as possible.

CCPA Privacy Rights

The CCPA privacy rights protect the personal information of the website users from California.

Under the CCPA and other given privacy rights, California users of our services or products are at liberty to:

Ask a business that stores a client’s data to disclose the specific data on personal details that the business has received regarding the client.

Request that any personal information that a business had collected about a client is gotten rid of.

Request that a company that sells a client’s data, to retain the client’s personal information.

We have at least a month to respond to any of the California users of our website if they contact us and wish to exercise any of the above-mentioned rights.

Advertising Partners Privacy Policies

Advertising partners of Mylonas Decobuild are also entitled to our privacy policy.

Technologies like cookies and web beacons are also used by third party advertising companies. These third party networks serve their particular advertisements and ad links directly to website users of Mylonas Decobuild. By doing so, the ad servers easily retrieve your IP address.

Technologies like these are supposed to analyze the effectiveness of the third party ad servers and in return personalize the ads content being served on our website.

Note that Mylonas Decobuild lacks the control and access to these cookies that third party ad servers use.

Third-Party Privacy Policies

Mylonas Decobuild’s Privacy Policy is not applicable to other websites. Therefore, we advise you to visit the respective third party advisers’ privacy policies page for more helpful information. Their privacy policies may include directions and guidelines about how to withdraw from certain options like not receiving the ads among others.

As a website user, there is the option to disable the use of cookies on your browser. To acquire detailed facts about the use of cookies with specific browsers, visit the browsers’ respective websites.

It is quite important to understand that Mylonas Decobuild lacks the control and access to these cookies that third party ad servers use.