Our Process

Embarking on a new build or a renovation project can be quite a challenge. It can often involve a series of intricate procedures and complex decisions that can stress out most property owners, especially if they are not particularly knowledgeable in construction matters. But here at Mylonas Decobuild, we have made the process as simple as possible.

We don’t want you to get stressed so we have clearly divided the construction process into the following 7 stages.

  1. Free Survey

    That’s right – we offer a completely free, no obligation survey to all individuals or companies interested in our services. You just have to let us know your plans and requirements for your construction project and one of our consultants will immediately get in touch with you in order to discuss the details. We might also schedule a site visit so that we can provide a more accurate assessment of how we will complete the project, as well as how much it will cost.

  2. Detailed Quote

    Mylonas Decobuild guarantees that there will be no hidden charges come billing time. We are very transparent with our costing, and the client can easily see the breakdown of our charges in our extremely detailed and analytical quote. This quote shall be based on the project specifications discussed and agreed upon.

  3. Formal Contract

    As soon as the details have been ironed out and everything about the project has been finalized, we will present a formal contract to the client containing all these details, as well as all the terms and conditions of the project. The contract is to be signed by both the client and the official representatives of Mylonas Decobuild, after which both parties shall be legally bound by the terms of the contract.

  4. Scheduling

    The schedule includes a detailed timeline of the whole project, highlighted by the major milestones and the periods that are expected to be completed. As there are certain factors that may slightly derail the construction schedule, like weather and other uncontrollable circumstances, we cannot guarantee that the schedule will be followed 100% to the hour. However, the Mylonas Decobuild team is known for their prompt and efficient workmanship and to date, all projects have been completed to perfection within the prepared timetable.

  5. Project execution

    From the very first stage of the actual construction or renovation, a thorough and consistent project monitoring system shall be in place. We will ensure that all entities involved in the project are always duly informed of the progress in each stage, guaranteeing that everyone is always on the same page and that there is always full transparency all throughout the project execution.

  6. Delivery

    As soon as all the milestones have been reached, all specifications have been met and all adjustments, if any, have been made, the project shall be declared as officially completed. The official closing of accounts will take place when the client is fully satisfied and has made all payments towards the project.

    These steps give a concrete structure to any of the renovation and construction projects that we take on, and also allow our clients to better monitor our progress on their property.