Why Choose Us

For many years, residents and businesses in have trusted only MylonasDecobuild for any new build or renovation venture. Here are four of the biggest reasons why.

Wide Range of Services

We offer the widest range of construction services in the area. From developing the design of your home or commercial establishment all the way to installing carpets and lighting, you can rely on MylonasDecobuild to deliver only the best results. We are not just a construction firm but a full-service company that will take care of your project from planning to the final stages of implementation and beyond.

Many Years of Experience

The people that make up the Mylonas team have several decades of combined experience between them. The team leaders are all highly esteemed experts at the top of their respective fields. Our lengthy experience has thoroughly trained us on how to efficiently handle any kind of challenge that may arise in any building project, so you can be sure that you will always be in good hands.

Competitive Pricing

We provide world-class quality but our rates are surprisingly low. Here at MylonasDecobuild, we can work within any budget and use cost-effective methods to give you the best outcome at an affordable price. We make it a point to keep our pricing fair and completely transparent, and you can be sure that there will be no hidden costs and surprise charges come billing time.

Outstanding Reputation

Over the years, we have earned a series of stellar reviews from highly satisfied clients. Many of our current clients are either returning customers or referrals from previous clients. This kind of customer loyalty only comes from providing consistently superior service, which we plan to keep giving for as long as we are in the business.