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The below-outlined terms and conditions highlight the guidelines to be followed while using the Mylonas Decobuild website, which can be accessed here.

Conditions of utility

You are expected to have read and agreed to the terms and conditions mentioned on this site before using the above mentioned website. If that is not the case, do not continue to use this website. Mylonas Decobuild only gives access to the use of its website and services to the users who have agreed to the terms and conditions page.

Intellectual property

As a user of this website, you agree that all services, materials, and products provided are the sole possessions of Mylonas Decobuild. It includes; its affiliates, agents, licensors, trademarks, and other people associated with the owners of this website.

You also adhere to the fact that you will not redistribute or restructure this website’s information in any way. This includes; digital or other trademark certification. For any issues regarding transmissions of any information or any form of intellectual property claims, feel free to contact the company to agree.


The terminologies below apply to the given terms and conditions, privacy policy, a disclaimer agreement, and any other information on this website. (you, your, client) refers to this website’s user who has agreed to our terms and conditions. (we, us, our, our company, ourselves), these are terminologies referring to our company Mylonas Decobuild.

All the terms mentioned above refer to the agreement of our company to your necessary payment to receive any service or product provided by our company to meet the needs of any of our clients. The use of the above terminologies thereof, whether in the singular, plural, capitalization, etc., are considered the same as the ones used in this website.


On our website, we use cookies. This means that you have agreed to the use of cookies at any point you decide to access Mylonas Decobuild’s Website, as stated in our privacy policy.

Why the use of cookies?

We use cookies like most of the other interactive websites to retrieve the users’ details every time a client has logged on to our website. Moreover, cookies are also used by our advertising partners. Cookies also make it easier for the functionality of specific areas on our website.

Creation of User accounts

As a person who has logged in to website or wishes to use our website, it might be necessary to register with us and provide your personal details. You are in charge of the data you provide in terms of accuracy. You are also expected to maintain the safety of your private details. In this case, you are responsible for all the undergoing activities in your registered account.

However, if you suspect that there may be any possible issues regarding the safety of your account related to the use of this website, it is essential to inform us so that the problem is directly addressed immediately.

Again, it is essential to understand that we reserve all the rights to delete accounts, edit or cancel user’s content at our sole preference.


Mylonas Decobuild and/or its affiliates own the sole intellectual property entitlement to all the materials on this website unless stated otherwise. All the intellectual property privileges are retained by the owners of this website and can be accessed for your personal use under our company’s set terms and conditions.

Some sections on this website offer a chance for our clients to post their own views, comments, and necessary details concerning the website. Mylonas Decobuild does not edit, publicize or assess clients’ statements before being publicly displayed on the website’s page. Comments posted only reflect the outlook of the user who posted the comments. In this case, the comments do not show the perspective of our company or its associates. Mylonas Decobuild is not responsible for any statements or any liability and damage caused/suffered due to any posted remarks on this website.

We reserve the right to keep track of all the posted utterances. In this case, we have the right to delete or remove any offensive comment that can be termed as inappropriate and can cause a violation of the terms mentioned above.

By agreeing to the terms and conditions of this website, you accept that:
  • You are responsible for the comments you display on our website, and you have the consent and all the required licenses to do so.
  • The remarks you post do not by any means invade intellectual property rights.
  • The comments you write on our website are acceptable. They do not contain any offensive, vulgar, inappropriate, defamatory, or unacceptable material, which can be termed a breach of the terms and conditions written.
  • The comments you post will not be used for personal gains like a business promotion or commercial activities aside from our website offering.
It would be best if you did not do the following while using this website:
  • Republish any material from Mylonas Decobuild
  • Sell or hire charge products, services or information from Mylonas Decobuild
  • Reproduce or copy data from Mylonas Decobuild
  • Reallocate facts and figures from Mylonas Decobuild.

With that being mentioned, you now give Mylonas Decobuild the necessary rights to use and permit others to use and assess your comments posted on our website in any format or media.

Hyperlinking to Content on our website

Content from our Website is not to be linked without any prior written approval from us. However, the below-listed organizations are the only permitted ones to hyperlink to our website content without any written permission:

  • Agencies of the government
  • Portals or browsers
  • News companies
  • Online catalog distributors

The above-mentioned organizations can link to our website’s home page, or any other Website data from Mylonas Decobuild. In a case where the link is:

  • Deceptive
  • Falsely implying sponsorship or seal of approval.
  • Does not fit within the state of affairs of the party linking to our website;

We shall treat the link as fraud and unlawful.

On the other hand, the following types of co-operations may have their links approved and presented with written approvals:

  • Widely-known business information sources
  • charity groups
  • online catalogue distributors
  • internet doorways
  • consultation and law-related firms
  • educational organizations
  • trade associations

What are the circumstances where we will approve the links from the organizations mentioned above?

  • A situation where our own link would not make us appear as substandard to ourselves or any of our certified businesses
  • There are no known negative records between the organization and our company.
  • It is beneficial to Mylonas Decobuild when the organizations mentioned above hyperlink to our website.
  • The link is in the line of context with the general resource information.

If you are an organization that wishes to link to our website, it is essential to first inform us by sending an email to Mylonas Decobuild. In the email, you should include your official full name, your organization’s name, contact details like your telephone number, the link to your website, and the information on our website that you would like to link. After submitting your email, wait for a period of about 2 to 3 weeks for a response from us.

After you have been approved, you may hyperlink to our website content as stated below:

  • Using our corporate name
  • Using the resource locator you are linking to
  • Using the part of our website that is sensible and in line with the format of content on the linking party’s site.

The use of Mylonas Decobuild’s logo or other trademark symbols will not be permitted for linking without a logo license agreement.


Unless approved or permitted by the owners of the Mylonas Decobuild website, you are not allowed to create any frames surrounding our website that in any way interfere with the visual outlook or emergence of our website.

Reservation of website rights

As a user of our website, you accept to omit all hyperlinks to our website upon our appeal. We are at liberty to ask you to omit all the non-approved links on our website. By linking to Mylonas Decobuild’s website, you agree to follow our linking terms and conditions.

Link withdrawal from our website

Some links might be offensive to you as a user of the website. In such a case, you are allowed to contact and tell us. However, we are not obligated to remove the links immediately, but that does not mean we will not consider your request.


Mylonas Decobuild is at liberty to edit, alter and adjust this agreement at any moment. We shall let the users of this website know of any changes through email. These terms and conditions are an agreement/ understanding between Mylonas Decobuild and the user.

It is our responsibility as the owners of this website to ensure that all the information provided is correct. However, our company is neither obliged nor do we promise the accuracy of the data. We shall, however, ensure that our website is updated from time to time.